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All About OG Roots

At OG Roots, we started our journey of introducing hydroponics vegetables in India with the goal of helping people live enriching lives. We have devoted years of our lives to hydroponics research and development. We started our journey in 2020 and found an Israel-based technology that enables plants to grow in water.
We used the data to build our hydroponics farms in Gurugram where we grow our produce without chemicals. Our 100% soil-free vegetables grow in a suitable environment created with the help of poly houses. This enables us to grow any vegetable throughout the year without compromising on the nutrients.

Why Choose Hydroponics Vegetables?

Hydroponics vegetables are good for your health and the environment. Know more about the benefits of hydroponics vegetables:
  • Good for the environment as it requires less water
  • Pesticide and fertilizer free
  • Seasonal vegetables available all year long
  • Less wastage of water
  • Good for health
  • Packed with nutrients

Our Future Plans

we aim to promote healthy eating through hydroponics vegetables. Along with delivering fresh hydroponics to your doorstep every day, we are also investing in our farmers. We are providing training to farmers still engaged in traditional farming practices. From resources to training, we will provide everything to Indian farmers because we believe in growing together.
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